Opinion: An overview of the Biden administration thus far

Written by on May 3, 2021

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Thus far president Joe Biden has mostly dissatisfied me as a conservative however the president has had a mixed record among the factions of the Democratic party. Joe Biden is a moderate however he has stated that he will enact some progressive policies such as a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage and a full withdrawal of United States troops from Afghanistan. A hike in the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour will be detrimental to employees for two reasons. First, to be able to pay out the increased wage employers will cut back on the number of employees they have and secondly this measure will cause inflation of prices. According to a study from the University of Washington due to the hours cut as a result of Seattle’s increase in the minimum wage workers saw a 9 percent reduction in hours which translates to a loss of 125 dollars. Furthermore according to CNBC after California raised their minimum wage “operators responded to the minimum wage increases by cutting costs, with 64% saying they reduced employee hours, and 43 percent saying they eliminated jobs”. While as a conservative I do not view a minimum wage increase as a good policy decision for the country many progressives will rally around Joe Biden despite his lack of support for a universal healthcare system if he keeps his word and signs a 15 dollar minimum wage. The Biden administration also tout their response to the COVID pandemic witch while I disagree with many of the Biden administration policies I believe that the Biden administrations vaccine rollout has been very effective with our vaccination efforts being far beyond schedule under the Biden administration and due to this the country is seeing a slight return to normalcy. President Biden is also more willing to listen to the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauchi than former president Trump and the president has been doing a good job at being a strong advocate for people to go out and receive the vaccine. Polls show that nearly half of Republicans are not willing to get the COVID vaccine witch to me as a Republicain myself is not a smart move as the United States has seen the effectiveness of vaccines in the past with the flu vaccine, the polio vaccine, and countless others.The Biden administration also has been touting their multi billion dollar  infrastructure plan, witch the administration states will produce thousands of renewable energy jobs and improve infrastructure in the United States. This has partially alienated progressives as they were pushing for a larger package. As a conservative I believe in limited government and that the private sector can do things better than the government thus I would advocate for the privatization of infrastructure in this country as the private sector can fix our crumbling infrastructure at a lower cost and better quality. The Biden administration currently has high marks as president Biden like many other elected officials are enjoying the benefits of the COVID honeymoon period, However once COVID is over president Biden will definitely have to act on issues such as an increase in the minimum wage in order to unify the Democratic party on his side.


Article By Thomas Tarter

Photo sourced from wikimedia.com under Creative Commons License