Music Review: Oliver James “What Have We Learned”

Music Review: Oliver James “What Have We Learned”

Monday, 28 November 2016

Written By: Leslie Arrobo

Oliver James released his album “What Have We Learned”.

The first track he played was “The Space Between”, this song has a lot of soul, it sounds like a singer/songwriter with a hint of Indie. He plays guitar, trumpet and drums during his album. At first the beat is slow, but after the third song, the instruments pick up. Oliver James has an old school rock vibe going on. The track “More You Love The More You Live” is very catchy if you like old school rock – this single could be for you. If the tracks were  arranged differently, the album could have flowed a little better.  

My favorite song from the album is “Seven Billion Hearts”. It is a song someone could listen to during a long car ride. There is a lot of feeling that it expressed during the album. Oliver James did a good job with this album.