Carley “Chaz” O. Campbell

Carley “Chaz” O’Connor Campbell is the assistant production director at WMSC. They are a journalism major with a graduation date sometime in 2023, a fact in which they take great pride in and will gladly tell you that they’ve been syndicated nationally via Tribune Content Agency. They’ve been featured in Sex, Etc. (a magazine produced by Rutgers New Brunswick), iGeneration Youth, Women’s Republic, and the Montclarion. Campbell is the news assistant for The Montclarion by the way, another thing that they are also very proud of. During their tenure as a DJ, Campbell single handedly wrote, directed, produced and edited two radio dramas: “Who’s Dying” and “The Royal Pains”, with drama number three coming hopefully in late 2021. They also hosted and acted as a newscaster for the Morning Buzz, in addition to producing numerous PSAs that you hear in between songs and shows. During their free time, Campbell enjoys knitting blankets and solving jigsaw puzzles, two hobbies that make them sound less like the (somewhat) young person you see pictured and more like a resident at your local retirement home.

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