LGBTQ Community hosts Tie-Dye Event on International Bisexuality Day

LGBTQ Community hosts Tie-Dye Event on International Bisexuality Day

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Written by: Jennifer Panella

On September 23, Montclair State University sponsored an annual tie-dye event that took place on International Bisexuality Day in front of the Student Center Quad for the LGBTQ Community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer.)

During this event, came a vast number of individuals from diverse social groups where they not only expressed individuality in the comfort of their community, but embraced every aspect of it. Sophomore Emily Quinn decided to come to this event to celebrate the cause.

“I like tie dying clothes, and also…I have a lot of bisexual friends and bisexual pride, and I think it’s really important that events like this are happening on campus,” she said.

Quinn also goes onto explain what bisexuality means to her.

“I think it means giving visibility to those who are bisexual and allowing them to be comfortable in their own skin,” she said.

Senior Austin Greitz provided information on LGBTQ.

“LGBTQ Community tries to educate the Montclair State Community and advocate for the LGBTQ members of our University. We provide support for people, through a variety of different things. For instance, different trainings on issues related to LGBTQ identities and intersections of multiple identities, such as identities of race, identities of religion, if you are of LGBTQ,” he said.

Prospective students reached their peak of spirituality when tie dying their shirts to represent the colors for the LGBTQ community. These colors included magenta, purple, and blue to represent their stance on bisexuality. Greitz explained the meaning behind the event.

“Today is to celebrate Bisexuality day, and the reason this is so important is because many times people in the gay community and straight community often forget bisexual people exist, and they’ll erase them…it’s really important for people to be visible and to be heard, so we are tie dying shirts in the colors of bisexual flag, which are Magenta, Purple, and blue and we are educating what bisexuality day is about,” he said.

Greitz discussed how Montclair State is one of the top 30 most inclusive universities in the nation, according to campus state pride.

“That is really amazing to me, and it is one of the reasons I came to Montclair,” he said.

Tzu’lin Toner is head of the department of the Recreational Center and he strongly believes people should come to celebrate this event.

“This is a great event to celebrate the world wide international bisexuality day, so campus Rec is working with LGBTQ Center to bring everyone together. I think it’s great what LGBTQ has done to raise awareness internationally as well as the Universities acceptance of LGBTQ all over,” he said.

To learn more information about the LGBTQ Community, email or follow them on Instagram @MSULGBTQ.