Hooked: The Heroin Crisis

Hooked: The Heroin Crisis

Tuesday, 05 April 2016

On Tuesday April 5th 90.3 WMSC FM moderated a community affairs show regarding a very unsettling topic in today’s headlines news in our state and in our nation, “Hooked: The Heroin Crisis:” An in depth look at the epidemic of heroin addiction and death in our very own state of New Jersey. The show was hosted by assistant professor Tom Franklin, with special guests Paul Ressler of The Overdose Prevention Agency (TOPAC), Daniel Regan of CFC Loud N Clear Foundation 501 C3 and James P. Curtin of ‪‎DaytopNJ‬.

If you or someone you love needs help or has questions you can contact the different organizations featured in this show at:

CFC Loud and Clear: www.healingus.org
An aftercare non-profit organization that provides free services to families suffering from addiction. Loud and Clear provides social activities for people in recovery and promotes Sober is Cool.

The Overdose Prevention Agency (TOPAC): www.overdosepreventionagency.com
The agency provides training to recognize overdose and treat with injectable, life saving medication.

Daytop NJ: www.daytopnj.org
An organization that provides substance abuse treatment programs and Daytop Preparatory School provide a path to success for adolescents and young adults.