Glow Week: Hamster Ball

Glow Week: Hamster Ball

Monday, 10 October 2016

Written by: Radharani Martinez

Wednesday night, October 6th marked the third day of Glow Week at the Recreational Center! The event was held at the pool where the Rec Board hosted the Hamsterball Games. Lines began to quickly form as students went wild after the free t shirts and glow sticks.

“I couldn’t even stand, it was impossible for me. Definitely not as easy as I thought!” Freshman Victoria said.

Even though waiting took a while, students called the event, fun and exciting. Students raced and rammed into each other continuously. Flipping back and forth has never been more entertaining to participate in and also watch. Students even brought their phones inside the hamsterballs and to the event to take videos and post them on Snapchat. For a couple of students, videoing their experiences didn’t turn out so well. Two students cracked their phone screens with their knees. “So, for future references, I suggest you guys to not bring your phones into the hamsterball,” Freshman Randy said.

The best part of the hamsterball is that there are no worries about getting wet. The ball is air tight and is inflated by the time you step in. Once you’re pushed into the water in the ball, it’s a great workout to try to stay up and keep balance. The hamsterball is one of the most favored and popular events of Glow Week. Along with the Hamsterball Games this week, there was also Zumba Glow, Cardio Kickboxing Glow, Volleyball Glow, and Laser Tag!