90.3 FM

STUDIO: +1 973-655-4256

WMSC Radio | Montclair State University
School of Communications and Media Building, Suite 2032
1 Normal Ave.
Montclair, NJ 07043

Music Submissions


We are an alternative rock station. Please only submit music that you feel will fit our station!


Please upload your music to Google Drive, and share access/email songs to:

Station Manager

Kaya Maciak

Email Kaya

General Manager

Anabella Poland

Email Anabella

Program Director / Engineering Director

Nate Williams

Email Nate

Assistant Program Director

Ben Petruk

Email Ben

Morning Buzz Producer

Kenny Horn

Email Kenny

News Director

Anadaji Cruz Rosario

Email Anadaji

Office Manager

Sabrina Hajosk

Email Sabrina

Assistant Office Manager

Leslie Gallagher

Email Leslie

Production Director

Celine Da Silva

Email Celine

Music Director

Charlie Falotico

Email Charlie

Sports Director

Jack Barteck

Email Jack

Digital Marketing Director

Patrina Geiger

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Assistant Digital Marketing Director 

Yazemin Yilmaz

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Web Director

Mark Szvetecz

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