Album Review: Olsson – Hold On EP

Album Review: Olsson – Hold On EP

Monday, 17 October 2016

Written By: Kevin Fry

Hailing from Sweden, the dance-pop producer Olsson has delivered a pleasant surprise with Hold On. On the EP we are given two original songs by Olsson and a remix of both tracks. The titular track “Hold On” gets your head bobbing in rhythm with its hip-hop-esque drum loop and grooving bass-line. The song pays off with its sweeping, orchestral chorus. Meanwhile, the dance-able “Thin Love” picks up the pace with a sound that is strangely both modern and reminiscent of 80’s dance music. On both tracks, Olsson’s catchy vocal melodies pair nicely with the instrumentals and his smooth voice gives the songs an air of sophistication.

Additionally, both of the remixes were excellent. These two tracks had a psychedelic vibe, reminding me of electronic music producer Machinedum’s work. However, the short length of the EP left me wishing for a little more music; I would like to see how well Olsson can carry himself over the length of an LP. Fortunately, what we have on Hold On is a good start for Olsson, and I am excited to hear where he goes next.

Favorite Track: Thin Love, Thin Love (Isaac Tichauer Remix)