WMSC Hits The Shore: Atlantic City

WMSC Hits The Shore: Atlantic City

Monday, 27 June 2016

While in Atlantic City for the New Jersey Broadcasters Association Conference, WMSC went live with a two-hour special event broadcast with several distinguished guests. This #WMSCHitsTheShore broadcast was the first of what we hope will become a regular summer feature for the station.

First we were joined by Montclair State’s Dr. Paul Bologna who is the director of the Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences Program as well as a biology professor. He shared the latest on those pesky clinging jellyfish with us! All you wanted to know about these dime sized jellyfishes that pack a big punch!

Following Dr. Bologna, grandson of legendary ocean explorer and filmmaker Jacques Costeau, Philippe Costeau, spoke to us about his upcoming show “Nuclear Sharks” which airs next week as part of Discovery’s 28th Annual Shark Week! We geeked out and even talked about his grandfather’s legendary submersible Calypso! Philippe’s wife (entertainment reporter Ashlyn Costeau) joined us too!

Later, we talked to the Chief Operating Officer of Sun Broadcast Group, Julio Aponte Jr., who discussed brand new technology for broadcasters (Shazam for Radio!). Very exciting silent watermark technology we are very excited about!

Then, British pop star Nick Hissom joined us to talk about his music, his inspiration and what he hopes to inspire in others.

It’s all here!