Monday, 10 October 2016

Written by: Christopher Hernandez

The second Presidential Debate took place on Sunday, October 9th, in St. Louis, Missouri. The moderators where Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. According to CNN and NBC Hillary Clinton won this debate but truthfully only time will tell who really benefited the most from this when the new polls are released.

On Friday an old audio clip from 2005 was released showing audio of Donald Trump having lewd conversations about women. Many GOP figure heads demanded he step down after this video surfaced and it was a total PR nightmare. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about this tape from 11 years ago. Many News stations are calling this the end of Trump’s campaign saying there is absolutely no way he can win the election now.

The anticipation for this debate grew so much because of this and the American people were eager to see how Trump would handle this fiasco. Immediately after this video surfaced Trump issued an apology video saying he’s not proud of what he said and that it is embarrassing. Clinton on the other hand used this to throw fuel on the fire saying “women can decide this election” and calling him a sexist and that he objectifies women. Trump also issued in his apology video a direct attack on Bill Clinton’s rape allegations and Hillary’s defense of him. So as you can imagine the tension in the town hall was so intense you could cut it with a knife. The candidates walked out on stage and did not shake hands.

The first question came from an audience member, one a hundred undecided voters in Missouri. They asked if the candidates if they were modeling appropriate behavior for America’s youth. Both candidates practically ignored the question and said their opening statements essentially.

The next question came from Anderson Cooper addressing the Elephant in the room asking Trump about the tapes and did he brag about sexually assaulting women. Trump once again apologized and went on to say how deeply embarrassed and ashamed he is of those tapes. For a couple of minutes the candidates went back and forth on the topic but Trump effectively deflected the heat onto Secretary Clinton stating that he wanted to focus on the real issues. Clinton said “words do matter” and said “I believe this video accurately represents how Donald Trump feels about women. Trump went onto attack Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton on his rape allegations calling him “the biggest abuser of women” and attacked Clinton’s days as a lawyer where she defended a rapist, got him off free and laughed about it where Trump said she “ruined the victim’s life.”

The next question asked was in regards to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal where she defended herself saying nothing was done wrong. Trump relentlessly attacked her saying she knew exactly what she was doing and she deliberately lied to the American People and got away with it.

Perhaps the biggest moment of this debate and any debate in recent history was when Secretary Clinton said: “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country,” to which Trump shot back stating: “Because you’d be in jail.”

This garnered a massive applause from the audience (which is supposed to remain silent) and left Hillary Clinton speechless as Trump did many times last night unlike the first debate.

The next topics ranged from Obamacare, Islamophobia and Syria, Wikileaks and Taxes, and the Supreme Court Justice nomination.

Hillary Clinton struggled to defend the failing Affordable Healthcare Act that increased premiums. Trump immediately stated he is going to replace and repeal Obamacare and eliminate state lines to allow the insurance companies to compete with each other like they should in a free market lowering costs ideally.

A question about Islamophobia was asked by an audience member asking Trump how he would ease tense relations within the Muslim community. Trump pointed to San Bernadino as an example saying that people within the muslim community need to work together to stop radical Islam. Hillary Clinton retaliated blaming Trump for the rise of Islamophobia.

Next came a question about Wikileaks where Trump slammed Hillary for rigging the primaries and insulting and undermining Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Hillary Clinton attacked the credibility of these leaks emails, although evidence has proven almost all of them to be true. Russia also came up where Trump said he’s never met Putina and has no ties with the Russian government. He also stated that it wouldn’t be the worst thing if we got along with Russia to help knock out ISIS. Clinton accused Trump of working with Putin.

This led to the next topic which was taxes. Trump said he did claim a billion dollar lost in 1995 thus allowing him to pay little to no income taxes for years but then came at Clinton saying that why didn’t she work to remove this tax loophole. Clinton responded by claiming she did but she was “only a senator”.

Next came the question about nominating a Supreme Court justice. Clinton responded saying she would nominate someone who “understands how the world works and that it is changing.” whereas Trump stated that he would nominate someone who withholds and follows the constitution which is the correct answer.

The final question came from an audience member asking each candidate to name one positive thing they respect about each other which gained a laugh from the audience, and the candidates. Hillary said she respected Trumps children and says that they are very nice people whereas Trump directly complimented her saying “she never ever gives up.” A much more modest answer.

Overall this debate proved that Trump is still in this thing regardless of what many news sources feel. The poll numbers have barely dropped and we will probably not see a massive drop. Trump was far more precise in his attacks, not nearly as fluttered as last time whereas Clinton seemed taken back by this. It was almost as if Clinton thought this debate would be a walk in the park with the tapes on her side, but Trump showed that he is still very much in this and can still win.