Streetlight Manifesto at Starland Ballroom

Streetlight Manifesto at Starland Ballroom

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Written By: Patrick M. Cicchetti

Local ska-punk heroes Streetlight Manifesto played a sold-out show at the Starland Ballroom on October 29th. Streetlight Manifesto has cultivated an impressive following; not just in the ska community, but in the alternative music scene at large. Their sound goes above and beyond what is expected of a ska band; blending elements of folk, punk rock, reggae, and lightning-fast ska into a technical, high-energy sound unlike any of their contemporaries. Streetlight are the breakout stars of the modern ska scene, and their concert on the 29th further cemented their status as ska-punk legends.

The show was opened by two acoustic singer-songwriters. Both seemed uncomfortable and out of place opening for a punk rock band, but since they were both tightly associated with Streetlight Manifesto, the crowd received them well enough. However, once Streetlight took the stage, the energy in the room went through the roof. In short, Streetlight’s set was a delight from start to finish. They opened the show with “The Three of Us” from their latest album “The Hands that Thieve”, then spent the night flawlessly delivering songs from their entire discography. The band’s stellar five-piece horn section dominated Starland’s stage, framed by their equally talented bassist Pete McCullough, drummer Chris Thatcher and guitarist/singer/creative engine Tom Kalnoky. Streetlight Manifesto are an incredible live act, and are a must-see for any fan of ska, punk, or alternative music.