Rock Band Lydia Revisits NYC

Rock Band Lydia Revisits NYC

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Words and photos by Natalie Caamano

The indie rock band Lydia finally revisited NYC on October 1st. As part of The Run Wild North American Tour, the band stopped at the Gramercy Theatre for their first visit since the 2014 tour when they played ‘Illuminate’ in its entirety.

Just a few days into their Run Wild tour, the band released their newest full-length, ‘Run Wild,’ on September 18th. The supporting acts for the tour are rock bands Seahaven, Turnover, and The Technicolors.

The Technicolors and Turnover warmed up the crowd at the Gramercy with their best tracks. Then Seahaven took the stage.

The four members of Seahaven walked out onto the dark stage in matching merch of their own, simple, black shirts with white lettering that reads, ‘PURA•VIDA.’ While doing a final sound test, the only light coming from the stage is the purple-lit drumset with the same design as the t-shirts.

Seahaven began their set with ‘It’s Over,’ the second track off their debut album ‘Winter Forever,’ then picked up the pace with a newer song, ‘Flesh.’ The band performed two more newer songs, then went back to some fan favorites from their debut.

The band garnered the strongest crowd sing-a-long during their song ‘Save Me,’ with fans shouting the chorus and throwing fists into the air, as though they’ve written the words themselves.

The band then played a new, unreleased song, ‘Lost,’ before finishing with the appropriately named first track off their debut, ‘Goodnight.’ Throughout the band’s set, the crowd expressed how intimate and cathartic a Seahaven performance can be, even with their slower, quieter songs.

During the soundcheck for headliner Lydia, the stage changed drastically. Rather than simply using colorful, overhead lights, the backdrop seemed to be sprinkled with star-like lights. The crew also brought in large orbs filled with purple and magenta lights, hinting at the different vibe Lydia would provide.

Lydia opened with a track off their newest album, which was just released the week before. Despite being new, the crowd already knew the words and sang them back to the band.

Lydia’s set was a balanced mix of songs from their newest album, their 2013 album ‘Devil,’ and possibly their most popular album, ‘Illuminate,’ released in 2008. The band left the stage for a brief moment before returning for their encore, the last track off a 2010 EP, ‘Assailants.’

The lineup for The Run Wild North American Tour was a sound mix of American rock and indie bands that can get crowds involved for both slower songs and those that pack a punch.

Lydia Setlist:
Past Life
Do You Remember
A Fine Evening for a Rogue
The Exit
We’ll Never Die
Coffee Drips
One More Day
All I See
This Is Twice Now
When It Gets Dark Out
Hurry Back Tonight
Always Move Fast
Back to Bed
Knee Deep

Seahaven Setlist:
It’s Over
Wild West Selfishness
Silhouette (Latin Skin)
Black & White
Save Me






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