Psychedelic Rock Band “Goat” Return With Their Latest Album “Requiem”

Psychedelic Rock Band “Goat” Return With Their Latest Album “Requiem”

Monday, 17 October 2016

Written By: Austin Resnick

Korpilombolo, Sweden is where psychedelic rockers Goat call home, but their unique music has found its way across the ocean. Requiem, released in early October is the bands sophomore album with Seattle’s Sup Pop Records. Sup Pop, who famously state, “have been going out of business since 1988!”, always find new and interesting bands since signing a trio out of Aberdeen, Washington that became the biggest band in the world during the 90s. Goat is no exception.

Never listening to Goat before Requiem, a first glance at the album cover made me believe they were some sort of death metal band because their satanic looking masks and costumes, but at first listen I knew that was wrong.

On this album Goat combine psychedelic rock with African and Latin rhymes, with a pinch of funk to create a unique, mesmerizing sound.  The first song off the album “Djorolen / I Sing in Silence” starts with an intro that I can only assume is spoken in Swedish which transitions into a flute heavy, ritualistic chant like sing along. Although Goat combine many different genres, I believe at its heart Requiem is a classic rock album.

“Alarms” sounds like it could be straight from a The Mamas & The Papas album with an intro of both male and female vocal tracks layered one top of one another. The song transitions into a hypnotizing, distortion filled guitar solo that takes you on a journey you don’t even realize you’re on until the following song comes on. “All Seeing Eye” starts with a funky bass groove and a rhythm section filled with bongo drums and a droning maraca so similar to “Sympathy for the Devil” I was just waiting to hear “please allow me introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste!”.  Another stand out track is “Goatfuzz”. Closing in at almost seven minutes, this track contains a menacing, distorted guitar riff that transforms as the song progresses all while lying on a bed of African and Latin inspired percussion.

Overall Requiem is a fascinating album that allows you to hear something new with each listen.  While 63 minutes is longer then the average LP, the layers of sound will keep a patience, open minded listener captivated from start to finish.