New York Comic Con: Day 2 Coverage

New York Comic Con: Day 2 Coverage

Monday, 10 October 2016

Written by: Anabella Poland & Juan Contla

Day 2 of New York Comic Con 2016 didn’t disappoint and WMSC was on the floor, at the panels, in the press rooms and the Theater at MSG bringing you the latest from the convention.

Fresh off his autograph signing at the Dark Horse booth, Max Furiama; Argentine artist for Abe Sapien was relieved to find a familiar accent in our group, and explained how friending Mike Mignola on Facebook resulted in him and Fiumara’s twin brother Sebastian getting involved with Mignola and Dark Horse.

This is Furiama’s second New York Comic Con. He attended last year with his brother and said that although Argentina has a convention in Buenos Aires and another one in the city of Rosario, they don’t compare to this one.

Then, we spoke to media theorist, documentarian, best selling author and CUNY professor, Douglas Rushkoff. Rushkoff is promoting his upcoming book “Aleister & Adolf” a graphic novel that brings together legendary occultist Aleister Crowley and Adolf Hitler in warn-torn Europe.

“It started with the thought, ‘What if Aleister Crowley had been enlisted in an occult war against Hitler at the end of WWII?’, “ – said Rushkoff.

As he began research for the book, he learned that Crowley was responsible for Churchill’s “V is for victory” salute and falsifying star charts for Hitler’s astrologers and a number of other “deeds’. The book, he said, is also a study of logos and the corporate cyber-universe.

Aleister & Adolf hits stores in November.

Just a few blocks away, the Career Conversation with Andy Serkis, was in full swing. During this solo appearance at the theater at MSG, he pleased the crowd with many Lord of The Rings stories, occasionally shifting his voice into “Gollum” leading the crowd into cheers. War For The Planet of the Apes opens in July 2017. Serkis explained to the crowd that this film is about the war of apes versus humans and promises the war scenes are epic. “It is also the war inside Caesar’s soul as he deals with phenomenal guilt for killing his brother Koba in the last film” said Serkis.


Serkis was joined by Director Matt Reeves and producer Dylan Clark inside the press room where over 15 outlets were lined up and two roundtables of chatty media, awaited the trio to join them.

Our entertainment reporter, Julia Siegel, had the opportunity to chat with Serkis, Reeves and Clark one on one.
“There is no difference in a live action role than a motion capture role”, he said while also expressing that regardless of the role actors still honor the integrity of the role and deliver a performance that does both them and the role justice.

Director of the film, Matt Reeves, talked about the benefits of motion capture when it comes to reshooting. Having to re-take a scene weeks before the release of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Reeves actually had Serkis perform a scene over Skype. Reeves went on to explain that since Serkis’ role is in motion capture, he only needed to talk and see out Serkis perform while the motion capture cameras that he wore would do all the work.

Producer, Dylan Clark, talked about the amount of locations being a challenge in production of the film. War for the Planet of the Apes took on the task of being the first motion capture film to shoot in snow. “As a producer you’re always concerned about the safety”, said Clark. The actors and endured more than just snow, but cold nights, rain, and heavy wind.


As night began to fall on the Javits Center, we caught up with Rotten Tomatoes’ Editor In Chief, Matt Atchity and Senior Editor, Grae Drake, to ask what would be in store at their panel that evening as well as asking what movies they’re excited for.

Check out our full interview below:

After our interview we proceeded to the Rotten Tomatoes panel, “Your Opinion Sucks: Fans vs Critics, and got to see first hand what the hype and excitement behind all of it was.

There, fans lined up as they were ready to defend their opinions on films. Fans raced to line up as they talked about films such as Gravity, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:, The Matrix, and many more. The “near riot” looked more and more possible as fans grew passionate for the opposing or favorable views on some of the biggest films in recent memory.

When it came to bad mouthing films including Gravity, the critics were quick to defend the film they wrote raving reviews about. Needless to say, the history behind this panel did not disappoint and it all centered around two things: movie lovers talking about their favorite films and that every opinion sucks.


Stay tuned for more photos, video, and interviews from this weekend.