Muslim Student Association Holds Henna Tattoo Event

Muslim Student Association Holds Henna Tattoo Event

Thursday, 24 March 2016

By Samantha Williams

On Thursday March 17th, The Muslim Student Association on campus held an event in the Student Center from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event consisted of artists in the organization drawing unique henna tattoos on any participating students. The prices ranged from $3 hennas to $8 hennas, based on size. The different designs were drawn on the hands, forearms, and wrists that took between five to fifteen minutes to do and about 45 minutes to dry. Once dried, the skin of the henna peeled off to leave a temporary tattoo. Although the henna tattoo has no huge significance to the Muslim religion, the henna tattoo table was very popular and the money that was raised went directly to the MSA for future events.

President of the club, Sarah Fathelbab, explained what the MSA organization was about.
“We try to bring awareness about the religion, who we are, and try to create a more interactive, friendly environment.”

In the student center, there were three tables set up. The first table was where the henna art took place. The second table was a table where members and non-members could hang out, talk and exchange information. The third table was another information table, but with a twist. There was a spinning wheel on the table that anyone could spin. Each slice of the wheel had questions in regard to the Muslim religion. Some of these questions included, “Who is Allah?” “Why do Muslim women wear a hijab?” “What is Jihad in Islam?” and “How many times a day do Muslim pray?” When the wheel landed on one of these questions, the person had to guess the answer first and then members of the MSA would either applaud their answer or correct it.

One member of the MSA, Dua Abbasi, enjoyed talking about her religion, including the holiday of Ramadan. She elaborated on the full month of fasting followed by ten days of seclusion which is mainly for praying to Allah in a room alone. Abbasi also described how Muslims read, follow, live by and memorize the Quran, their religious text. She explained why Muslim women wear the hijab by saying it was to show that their beauty is strictly for their husband as well as family members. Muslim women are very dedicated to their husbands and believe their beauty is for their eyes to see and no other men. Abbasi was very pleased and proud to talk about her beliefs and she shared a bunch of information we well as her own background story.

Fathelbab told about more events the organization had planned including their upcoming “Islamic Awareness Week” which will be held from April 4th-8th.
“Every year we have a theme… so this year’s theme is going to be “Breaking the Stereotypes” which will be about Muslims, Muslims in America, Muslims in general, and the religion. We are also going to have speakers come in.”

The Muslim Student Association meets every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. in University Hall, Room 2012 and the meeting is open to all students!

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