MSU Unites in Candlelight Vigil

MSU Unites in Candlelight Vigil

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

By Elena Medina, News Director

On Wednesday night Fraternity Theta Xi, Le Circle Français and the Muslim Student Association and the Montclair State Arab Student Association organized a candle light vigil to remember those lost in the recent worldwide events. A group of about 50 students gathered at the Student Center Quad at 7pm to share reflective thoughts, light candles, and mourn for the victims of the Paris, Beirut, Baghdad and Nigeria attacks

Theta Xi’s George Koutsouradis, started the ceremony by introducing Elizabeth Emery, Chairperson for Modern Languages and Literatures, who thanked organizers for bringing the MSU community together on a chilly school night. She shared her condolences with those affected and looked to honor the lost lives during the event.


A member of The Muslim Student Association speaking for the association, and next to her is George Koutsouradis, member of Theta Xi.

Shefa, a member of the Muslim Student Association, started by saying the association strongly condemn the attackers of Paris. She said “Islam is clear of such despicable injustice” and shared  words of sympathy for muslims being harassed as a result.

Josephine Seignat, a French national and visiting scholar of French at MSU, said the attack on Paris this past Friday was a great blow for symbolically for France.

She also commented on the aftermath against the muslim population.

“Usually in this time of crisis people usually look for scapegoats because they are scared,” she said. “The key is to keep our eyes open, and to talk as much as we can to everyone and talk about the problem.”

Seignat also commented on bringing other professors that focus on the issues of the Middle East to speak to students in the different language classes.

Koutsouradis shared the first flame from his candle with the other students while sharing words of hope. “Happiness never decreases by being shared” he said, “This is the type of flame that is not one of destruction or chaos, but it is a purging and warming flame.” The ceremony ended with a moment of silence.

Tune in for Thursday’s edition of the Morning Buzz for a complete feature on the event and an exclusive interview with a Muslim student who was harassed this past Monday on campus.