Montclair’s First Home Game Tailgate of 2016

Montclair’s First Home Game Tailgate of 2016

Monday, 26 September 2016

Written by: Jessica Mocci

It was a brisk fall morning at Montclair State as students and parents began to arrive at the tailgate located in Parking Lot 7. The event started immediately at 10 am where parents parked their cars and discussed football. Excitement filled the air as students arrived in their brightly colored red hawk apparel. After checking in, students received the famous pork roll, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich with either a warm cup of coffee or cold cup of orange juice. If you were not interested in the sandwich, they even included a bagel spread.

After eating, students jammed out to pop selections and throwbacks played by our very own DJ! Students also participated in games like Kan Jam and Corn hole as they enjoyed the time they had together before the big home game began. Sophomore Babee Garcia, says this was her first ever Montclair football game!

“[I came] to show support for my school. I love Montclair State and being able to participate as much as I can makes a big difference to me. On top of that I used to be a cheerleader myself so I always love watching what the team can do,” she said.

As well as Garcia, it was also freshman Riley Kay’s first Montclair football game.

“The tailgate was a way of bonding with my friends and classmates and getting to know more people at her school,” she said.

The tailgate concluded with a raffle over New Jersey’s big debate: Pork Roll or Taylor Ham. The prizes were given away by MSU Rec Board’s spin-to-win wheel! Overall, it was a successful morning that was concluded with Montclair’s big win against NJ rivals Rowan University.