Fidel Castro Dead at 90

Fidel Castro Dead at 90

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Former Prime Minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro died on Friday, November 25th in Havana, Cuba at 90 years old.

The Cuban politician and revolutionary who has been out of power since 2006 when he fell ill with intestinal bleeding, has had his brother Raul take power of the one-party socialist state. President Raul Castro announced and confirmed briefly on Friday, November 25th that “The commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 (EST) this evening,” and released no other information to Cuban TV.

Fidel Castro was then cremated on November 26th, 2016. Since the death of Castro, more than a million people have gathered in streets all around the world to celebrate the death of this controversial leader. In Miami, Florida in Little Havana over the past few days, Cuban-Americans and others have paraded the streets holding and waving the Cuban flag, and the United States flag celebrating the end of a tumultuous time in their history. Pots and pans were banged together and car horns were honked at every opportunity throughout Cuban-American neighborhoods.

The controversy lies in why people were celebrating the death of the leader of their country. Cuban-American Nelson Frau whose parents left Cuba in 1962 re-informs the public to “not forget that this is an exile community that has suffered a lot, over 50 years. He’s an image of pain to a lot of people. It’s a celebration not of his death, but a celebration of the end of this image of pain and suffering.”

Churches in the Miami area particularly prayed for “an end to communism, especially in Cuba and Venezuela.” For many people, the death of Castro is a beacon of hope for the democratic government on the island for democracy, and a new beginning.