WMSC’s Favorite Things: Summer Movies

WMSC’s Favorite Things: Summer Movies

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Now that summer is in full swing, everyone is finding some time to sit back and relax. With new movies hitting theaters every week such as Ted 2Jurassic World and Inside Out, we asked some staff members at WMSC about their favorite movies to watch during the summer!

1. Programming Director Elaina Crow | Jaws – 1975

“Jaws is a great summer movie because it takes place on the beach during the peak of summer at a small beach town like my home town and I think it works because it’s a movie that reminds you there’s actual living things in the ocean and it makes something mundane like going to the beach scary. It’s also a great opener to everyone’s favorite week of the year, shark week.”

2. Production Director Mike Sheehan | Jurassic Park – 1993 

jurassic park

“The best movie ever. It’s the reason movies are made!”

3. Station Manager Silas Kezengwa | Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – 2008


“It makes me feel like a kid again and always makes me laugh so hard. It’s like this era’s ‘The Lion King.’ It’s a classic.

4.  Engineering Director Craig Gorbunoff | White House Down – 2013 

white house down

“I’m not sure if it’s the action scenes, the humor in Jamie Fox playing the president, or maybe just the fact that it’s a fun movie, but I can watch it everyday.”

5. Sports Director Sam Romano | The Little Mermaid – 1989 

the little mermaid

“Maybe it’s just because I grew up going to the beach and am convinced I’m a mermaid. But who doesn’t love a movie about a mermaid princess and all of her nautical friends to get you in the summer mood?”