Dream IT! Screw IT: A Satirical Homage to Disney “Imagineering”

Dream IT! Screw IT: A Satirical Homage to Disney “Imagineering”

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Written By: Melissa Donofrio

“Dream IT! Screw IT” highlights Dipp Disney’s failed 30 year career as a Disney Imagineer. Dipp Disney is Walt Disney’s lovable, drunk, and goofy cousin. He created over 7,000 attraction ideas that never made it past the concept stage. The book highlights about 20 attraction ideas, such as “Hindenburg Sky Resort”, “Moonshine Mountain” and “Get Off My Lawn”. The book is comprised of concept art, parody concept art, and an explanation of how the rides would work from Dipp’s perspective.


Author Geoffrey Golden,  a comedian and Disney enthusiast who has written for Disney Princess comics, wanted to “cut into the head of a Disney Imagineer from the 1960’s, 1970’s” with his new book. Golden wanted to take a comedic twist on the book thinking of the “worst ideas” for the different Disney theme parks. Ever since he “was a kid”, Golden was a “Disney Imagineering nerd” and always wondered how the rides were made.


It wasn’t an easy task for Golden to decide how to release his concept to the public. He said he had this idea for “10-15 years” and originally wanted to release it as a web series. The online content would have been comprised of parody videos that riders see before going on rides. After starting Devastator with partner Amanda, he realized that releasing his story in book form would be the funniest way to tell his story. It took about a year to a year and a half  for the book to be published. His favorite ride idea is “The Muppets Take Central Florida” where we would see “The Muppets” as elderly characters.


Golden hopes that readers enjoy the “depths of research and love of Disney that goes into it”. “Dream IT! Screw IT” made its first ever debut at New York Comic Con.