Do It Yourself Stress Relief

Do It Yourself Stress Relief

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

by Amanda Vieira

On Wednesday, April 13th the Office of Health Promotion hosted one of its many stress release programs called Studio DIY (Do It Yourself), from 12:30PM to 2:00 PM in the Drop-In Center. Every Wednesday of the week, the program organizes a special activity, craft, or project in order to help students release stress from school, work and other busy plans.The special activity is based on materials the school purchases before the beginning of the year. The center makes sure that the craft or project is a simple yet helpful activity that helps the students relax. This week’s special activity was to make a dreamcatcher. This craft not only helps the student remove some of their stress when making it, but helps them rid of any bad dreams…not to mention the fun it takes to make it. The event consisted of a worker from the Office of Health Promotion showing everyone how to make the knots of the dreamcatcher which made a design in the end. Once they finished making the knots and weaving the strings, they had the chance to add feathers or beads in the end. Those who were finished with their dreamcatcher, helped anyone who had just come in and showed them how to make it. This was a great opportunity for people to make new friends and socialize.

The student worker responsible for Studio DIY is Ciarra McLean. She explains that this program is quite beneficial especially with exams coming up. She says that these events “release stress relief and people get to take a break from class and take a moment to not think about their responsibilities.” Also most of these events are planned by the students. They’ve held pet a horse, a dog-petting program, and sex bingo. McLean says she is in the process of planning her own event. The advice she gives to students during final exams is to make sure you get enough sleep, don’t put all nighters, drink tea and do your best.

There are many students that value from this program and one of them is graphic designer student Denae Nelson. She says she often comes to the activities at the Drop-In Center.

“The DIY really helps me, I am really mellow after I come here,” she said. She also says making the Dreamcatcher was her favorite activity.

The Office of Health Promotion not only offers activities that can make your day better, but it
provides safe sex information, crafts, and relaxation techniques that will come in handy for finals. There is also an event called “Tea Talk” where you can unwind and have a nice cup of tea. If you have any problems, the office of Health Promotion is where you can go to help find a solution. They are there to direct you on any topic you have questions about.

Make sure to check your emails for any upcoming events provided by The Office of Health Promotion. You can also stop by the Drop-In center if you have any more questions.