Dance Dept.’s “Work’s-a-Foot” Works Up a Hit

Dance Dept.’s “Work’s-a-Foot” Works Up a Hit

Monday, 28 November 2016

Cover Image: Mark Peters

Article By: Mario Papa

The feet of the dancers were working up a storm in the Dance Program of Montclair State University’s annual Fall performance of “Works-a-Foot”, which ran from November 17-20 at Memorial Auditorium. The show featured every dance major here at MSU as they performed in ten different pieces ranging from across the board. It was a showcase of all different types of dances the students have learned throughout the Fall semester. Head of the Dance Program, Lori Katterhenry, described “Works-a-Foot” as a “culminating experience of a semester of work.”

“The students mature and become seasoned artists when they’re given this kind of work to do and they also have to figure out how to really be authentic in each of these different kinds of reparatory experiences,” she added.

Sophomore Emily Leddy described it as a “mixture of different genres of dance, style & energy and it was really cool to see it all come together in the end”.

No two dance pieces were the same as each one featured a unique type of theme to it with different types of movements to complement it. Throughout the show, there were dances that featured graceful and swift movements, static high energy movements, suspenseful music, and different types of musical accompaniments. For example, the piece “Polka” featured a pianist and a violinist that set the tone for how the dance unfolded. Perhaps the best theme of the entire show was from the piece “By the Sea” which was all about the seashore at Coney Island during the 1940’s and 50’s. The dancers who danced as if they were waves of the ocean, wore bathing suits from that time and used beach props as well.

The show ended with a piece that featured Big Band/Jazz music with a bunch of moving and grooving in between. As the curtain went down, the dancers did some extra moves to let all their energy out for the night. While the curtain may have gone down on “Works-a-Foot” for the Fall semester, there are still more opportunities for the dance majors to showcase their talents in the upcoming Spring semester. Junior Kayla Affrunti said, “The Spring Show ‘Dance Works’ is a polished version of ‘Works-a-Foot’ and a more refined sequel to beautiful acts you saw tonight.” As terrific and stupendous as “Works-a-Foot” was, it’s even more exciting to see what these talented dance majors will have in store for audiences come the Spring semester for “Dance Works”.