Cuban National Baseball Team To Play The Jackals in Our Own “Backyard”

Cuban National Baseball Team To Play The Jackals in Our Own “Backyard”

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Cuban National Team is closing it’s North American baseball tour here in our campus at Montclair State University with three games this week against the NewJersey Jackals at the Yogi Berra Stadium. The team arrived to the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center on Monday afternoon for a press conference where – with the help of a translator- they shared their excitement for the games and bringing people together. “Aside from the competition itself, we are here to hobnod with the North American teams and population.” said Cuba’s baseball commissioner, Heriberto Suarez Pereda .

Captain Yorbis Borroto second the sentiment “We want the whole world to see the quality of the Cuban players and we hope they enjoy the game.” This is the first visit by the Cuban team to the USA since 1960 and the longest the team has been away from home. There was a nostalgic tone as Barroto went on “It is an honor for any Cuban to represent our country and for any Cuban athlete to be on the national team and give our all for our country.”

The team has been on the road for over two weeks. In part, this visit is preparation for next year’s World Baseball Classic, a championship that for non-American teams is the highest level baseball tournament. Here the team hopes to gather up strategic & tactical information for the big games in 2017: “It will be interesting because we are preparing for next year and we are soaking up this international experience so we are not caught by surprise during the classic,” said Borroto.

Team Manager, Roger Machado spoke of his admiration for Yogi Berra growing up, and another Jersey Native, Derek Jeter.

There was one topic that was off-the-table, and that is the defection of Lazaro Ramirez, a Cuban player who has been awol since a shopping trip after their series with Sussex County Miners.

Stay tuned for updates, interviews with players, coaches, pre and post games recaps, plus a simulcast of Wednesday night’s game only on WMSC at 90.3 FM Upper Montclair, and via the iHeartRadio app. ‪#‎Baseball‬ ‪#‎Cuba‬ ‪#‎NJJackals‬