Craig Gorbunoff and Brian Goudsward Gear Up to Broadcast Their Final NJAC CHAMPIONSHIP!

Craig Gorbunoff and Brian Goudsward Gear Up to Broadcast Their Final NJAC CHAMPIONSHIP!

Thursday, 25 February 2016


By Sean McChesney

Coach Karin Harvey and the Montclair State women’s basketball team have built a successful program over the last few years and expect to play in many New Jersey Athletic Conference championship games for years to come. However, Friday’s NJAC women’s basketball championship game at the Panzer Athletic Center will be the last one calling the play by play action for MSU seniors and WMSC sports team members Craig Gorbunoff and Brian Goudsward.

“Its kind of funny it’s my first and last NJAC Championship on the play by play team, and I am really looking forward to it,” Goudsward said. “Getting to cap it off with the two best teams in the conference squaring off is going to be very special.”

Gorbunoff has more experience than Goudsward as this will be his third NJAC championship game on the play by play team and he has found this whole experience very rewarding and honoring.

“I was in the right place and right time, I was in a class where we needed to have notes ready for the game and the previous play by play announcer needed a color analyst and I was the only one prepared,” Gorbunoff said. “I fell in love with calling basketball.”

Gorbunoff and Goudsward will be graduating from MSU in May and they have both accomplished a lot in there four years with WMSC. Both men have had successful sports shows on the station and have had success with play by play and color commentating in football, baseball, and especially basketball.

Gorbunoff stresses that he has loved covering Red Hawks basketball for the last four years, because he is so familiar with this team and how talented the team has been.

“It’s been humbling and fascinating experience,” Gorbunoff said. “Luckily this team has been incredible over the last four years and doing the play by play for this game is very special to me.”

If the Red Hawks win Friday, they will move on to the NCAA tournament and look to return to the Division III final four which will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana. As big as the NCAA tournament would be to cover, Goudsward stresses that the NJAC Championship game is one that ranks just as high as the NCAA tournament due to the support of Montclair State University.

“I think this game is big for our campus as a whole, it has been fun to watch the growth of the program,” Goudsward said. “It is fun for us covering the team to see that the school has gotten behind these Red Hawks especially in this particular game.”

Gorbunoff and Goudsward have come together to create one of the best play by play combinations in the history of WMSC sports. Goudsward thinks it is because they both have opposite styles that when combined, the best is brought out of both of them.

“Our working relationship has gotten better now that we have been able to work together a lot more this year,” Goudsward said. “We learned each other styles and as different as they are I believe its the combination of those different styles that make for a great broadcast.”

Gorbunoff agreed with Goudsward saying that they know each other so well that when they are together on the call the two know immediately what the other person is going to say and when.

“We balance each other out and we bring out the best in each other,” Gorbunoff said. “When we are together on the call we have a strong understanding of the team and each other.”

Gorbunoff and Goudsward will be on the call on 90.3 FM-WMSC,, and the iHeartRadio app live at 7 PM on Friday, February 26, when the Montclair State Red Hawks face the Rowan University Profs in the 2016 NJAC Championship game. On behalf of WMSC sports and all of WMSC…THANK YOU BOTH for your outstanding contributions to all these basketball broadcasts over the last four years!