Brooklyn Brawl for the Grand Prize of New York

Brooklyn Brawl for the Grand Prize of New York

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Photos and words by Juan Contla
Featured Image from CNN

On a night where the tie couldn’t be closer and days before the New York Primary Election, Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders faced off for the ninth time in a Democratic Debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on April 14, 2016.

With a recent sweep in wins, Senator Sanders has posed a threat to the Clinton campaign after hosting a record attendance rally at Washington Square Park on April 13th with over 30 thousand supporters in attendance. Secretary Clinton on the other hand has had to deal with the backlash that was NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s racial joke at the Inner Circle event over the weekend, as Sanders said, “It was a racist term and everybody knew it was a racist term”.

A campaign that has now turned into a wave of attacks against one another is now the view that has become the race for the Democratic nomination. The topics brought up were; minimum wage, social security and health care, gun laws, and the situation in the Middle East. Clinton, being in her home state as former Senator of New York, had a handful in getting points across with the loud eruption that were Sanders supporters; making the field even.

Senator Sanders began the debate throwing all the facts that have already been known about Secretary Clinton; demanding to release her transcripts from speeches on Wall Street, her side on the minimum wage, and her relationship with her campaign and the banks.

Secretary Clinton didn’t let that get to her when she quickly was able to bring up Senator Sanders’ botched interview with New York Daily News. “He had issues answering questions on his own policy,” said Clinton, “If he had a piece of paper in front of him maybe he could.”

One of the gripes coming out of the majority of past presidential debates has been the lack of fully answering questions. Moderator, Wolf Blitzer, made it a common trend throughout the debate to make sure each candidate gave a fair and complete answer.

With all the shouting from spectators and the candidates speaking over one another a debate was held and Senator Sanders was able to make a statement with the overwhelming amount of support he’s received in New York, and the message he’s delivered of bringing down banks and promise for good judgment. “I think we can win the nomination.” responding to whether or not he can bring the fight to Philadelphia.

“My lead in delegates is higher than Barack Obama’s was in 2008.” Secretary Clinton on her current stance. “I’m going to work all the way through California and unite the Democratic party.”

Both candidates are heading into the April 19th New York Primary election neck and neck with the stakes higher than ever in this Democratic election. Stay tuned to WMSC for all coverage on the 2016 Presidential election.