Artists Bring Out Talent At Open Mic Night!

Artists Bring Out Talent At Open Mic Night!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Words & Photos by Lataya Rothmiller

“To those who don’t know, I have a condition called Tarantism… until this day tarantism means a state of the body that can’t help but move when…it… hears music.”

These were the original words of Sean Alino, Vice President of Speaking Through Silence, a creative writing organization on campus. On Tuesday, October 3rd, they held their regular open mic nights in the Rathskellar, bringing in over 70 people throughout the night.

The scene reflected a coffee shop as students filled the up seats waiting to share their passions on stage. Artists recited original songs, poems, jokes and raps. Some so overwhelmed by emotion they were brought to tears.

“We have such a receptive audience, and that’s what we hope for” says Club President Audrey Dingler. “It’s definitely a stress relief. A lot of people need this relief. Art imitates life. Life imitates art.”


Sean and Audrey, Vice President and President, even shared original poems. The crowd snapped their fingers and encouraged each other as they waited to take the stage.

Shana Louis, a sophomore and psychology major, performed a powerful poem over a melody. “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten comfortable speaking aloud, it just comes from me knowing that people relate to it and they receive something out of my poetry so I do it anyway.”