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Album Review: Beach Slang

Album Review: Beach Slang

Saturday, 08 October 2016

Written by: Heather Murphy

There are certain types of music you would definitely not play at your grandmother’s funeral, trust me, I’ve thought it through. No, no, don’t play this album at her funeral, but over her buried casket. Play it not as a song to send her off, but as proof, you are still here. This is  an album you’re going to want to blast through the radio speakers of your car when there’s no one else on the road, and you go a little too fast. It’s that little bit of extra motivation to get where you need to be and proudly exclaim ‘I am Here’ even if you’re late, you have made it.

This album is a proud call to punk, and those like it, when it hits you with the first lyric, “Play it loud, play it fast…” and it’s over quicker than you would think, with only ten songs on the album. It is memorable, fast paced and not about to slow down for anybody. Despite the album having a cohesive sound, there is something about each song that brings it to more than what it really is. My favorite track of the album has got to be Warpaint, between the grunge vocals and the guitar, it begins really subtle and then pumps up later in the song, it has a clear true statement that makes it iconic in it’s own right.