Meet the Staff

Station Manager: Silas Kezengwa

Silas is a senior at Montclair State University majoring in Television & Digital Media with a concentration in TV Production. He’s always desired to enter the field of radio and television as a broadcaster. He hosts his own talk program entitled Silas LIVE!, and is a four-time Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) finalist, of which includes Best On-Air Personality. Silas formerly served as Programming Director for WMSC, where he worked with all on-air content, events, specials and much more.

Programming Director: Elaina Crow

Elaina is a senior at Montclair State University and co-hosts The Alternative Twilight Zone with her friend Melissa. She is a TVDM major with a concentration in Television Production and a Minor in Filmmaking, and plans to work in the production industry. Radio has always been and interest to her and in becoming the Programming director, she works to ensure content on WMSC is always fresh and exciting.

Mike Grippa

Production Director: Mike Grippa

Mike started with WMSC in the fall of 2013 as a member of the production team. His show “The Catalyst” is a show on WMSC that incorporates a variety of music genres. He is a fan of Electronic Dance Music, Jazz, and Classic Rock. Some of his biggest musical influences are Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra, and Zedd.During his first year at Montclair, Mike was nominated as Acting Production Director in the Spring of 2013 and looks to produce quality content for years to come.

FrancescaWeb Director: Francesca LaBianco

Francesca is a Junior Majoring in Television & Digital Media with a concentration in Production. She is excited to be joining the station and taking on the role of acting web director. With the help of her team she makes sure all of WMSC’s followers are up to date with what is going on at the station using social media. Francesca enjoys watching a wide variety of television shows and movies and staying up to date with current events.

unnamed-6Music Director: Joe Vecchione

Aside from being a Montclair State University student (Majoring in Latin), Joe is a vocalist and local music connoisseur. He loves his coffee and a very wide variety music to listen to. He also composes music when able, which is pretty frickin’ cool! If you’re in a local band or know one and would like to get their CD played on WMSC, give it to Joe and he’ll make sure it gets played. Anyone can email him digital copies at You can also check out his show The CHaos THeory on Tuesdays from 4pm to 7pm!

Co-News Director: Juan Contla

Juan started off on WMSC as just an apprentice DJ, but getting more involved in the station got him onto the news team in the Fall of 2013 and now serves as Co-News Director. Handling CBB’s and PSA’s (Community Bulletin Boards & Public Service Announcements) are one of his duties as well as making sure Newscasts go up on air every weekday, keeping our listeners up to date with the latest in current events and weather. He is also producing WMSC’s first ever morning news show titled “The Morning Buzz” and has his very own Electronic Dance Music show called, “Sounds of the Night”.


Co-News Director: Natalie Caamano

Natalie joined WMSC in the fall of 2014 as a member of the news team. Part of her news team responsibilities were preparing and reading the newscasts on-air, covering Get The Vote Out, and covering part of College Radio Day. Natalie was also an apprentice DJ for the Fall 2014 semester. Recently, Natalie became Co-News Director and is also a co-producer of WMSC’s first morning news show, “The Morning Buzz.” Natalie is studying English and journalism at MSU and hopes to work for a music magazine.


Engineering Director: Craig Gorbunoffcraig

Craig is a TV & Digital Media major with a concentration in TV Production at MSU. Craig has his own radio show, Craig’s Call on Sundays during the academic year. He’s a sports fanatic overall, but is especially big on football, and basketball. He makes sure that things are working around the station, and helps when anything goes wrong. He is the one who fixes the technical difficulties when they arise, and also coordinates with WMSC staff for all our remote broadcasts for sporting events and live outdoor events.

unnamed Sports Director: Cat Barnett

Cat is a TV & Digital Media Major with a TV Production concentration. She is a massive hockey fan, especially when it comes to her Ottawa Senators, and is an aspiring actress. Though her specialty is hockey, Cat does a wonderful job covering all sports on campus, and is dedicated to getting the word out about MSU’s college sports. Cat’s job at the station is to make sure sports PSA’s/CBB’s are in the studio for DJ’s, looking into what sports events on campus can be broadcast over the radio, and to figure out how to incorporate sports into people’s radio shows.


Promotions Director:  Brandon Simanski

Brandon Simanski is a Sophomore transfer student attending Montclair State University. He is taking the position of Promotions Director for the 2015 Spring semester and is very excited to be a part of WMSC Radio. Originally from Hunterdon County, NJ, Brandon is a hard working individual with a fun way of doing things. If he isn’t in the studio, you can find him skating around campus or writing songs in his dorm room.

Assist. Programming Director: Ivan unnamed-9Arevalo

Ivan is a junior at Montclair State University majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Public and Professional Writing. Ivan joined WMSC in the Fall 2014 semester and quickly found his new niche.  Ivan enjoys everything music related, such as discovering new artist, attending multiple concerts and singing at the top of his lungs.  As the Assistant Programming Director, Ivan works closely with in developing and planning of On-Air special features and events,such as New Artist Alert and the Campus Buzz. You can listen to his show “The Goldmine” Thursday from 4-7pm.

Assistant Web Director: Katie FierroKatie-Fierro-190x300

Katie is a sophomore at MSU majoring in TV & Digital Media with an Electronic Journalism concentration. Her love of music and concerts motivated her to join WMSC during her first semester. On her show “Mosh All Night,” Katie features music & news from post-hardcore and punk rock bands. Katie is currently Assistant Web Director at WMSC. She enjoys dancing, teaching Zumba, creating graphic design projects on Photoshop, and listening to music that sounds really angry, but makes her really happy.


Chris A. Assist. Engineering Director: Chris Annunziata

Chris is a senior at MSU, majoring in Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Audio and Sound Design. He joined the station in February 2014 and has his own radio show “The Metal Teddy Bear Experience”, which is on every Tuesday night from 10pm-1am. He was WMSC’s summer production assistant intern but now keeps busy by helping Craig with the engineering team. Music is a very big part of his life and loves metal music.


Assistant Sports Director: Sam Romanosam romano

Sam is a junior at Montclair State University majoring in Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Sports Media. She loves all things sports so WMSC Sports Team was the perfect fit for her. She loves covering sports on campus and working with other students who share her passion.​​


Melanie O'SheaAssist. Promo Director: Melanie O’Shea

Melanie is a junior at Montclair State majoring in Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Television Production.  She is the former host of two country shows as WMSC: “Back Road Country” and “Talkin’ Hay With Melanie O’Shea.”  She loves all the different aspects of the broadcasting field, but particularly enjoys the radio business.  As the Assistant Promotions Director, Melanie handles ticket giveaways and supports the Promotions team in spreading the word about WMSC.  Don’t hesitate to contact her if you are interested in giving away tickets on your show!

MorganMorgan Princiotta: Office Manager

Morgan is a Communications and Media Arts Major with minors in business & Public/Professional writing. Her decent skills include video games, singing, organizing the WMSC office and finding new music to play on her show Keepin’ It East. Follow her on all social media @JerseyVoice for a fun time. She believes WMSC is the best part about Montclair State and encourages everyone to join!