WMSC’s Debate/Discussion October 16th – 2012

WMSC Radio’s news director (Chelsea Masterson) and WMSC host/activist (Mark Ludas) co-hosted on October 16th 2012 live, one-hour forum on the Presidential election. It was heard from 5:30pm-6:30pm on WMSC 90.3 FM and live on the web.  This was the first student debate of its kind in many years, and its success suggests we will have more to come.  Thanks to Chelsea and Mark for taking the interest, and the risk — and showing they have the stuff to make an hour of compelling talk radio.

Melissa Ribaudo was our expert board operator and folded the debate seamlessly into her show. James Grabow was invaluable as our technical director.  Our student management team (SMT) helped to promote and plan. In the role of Exec Producer, our General Manager Dick Hinchliffer did pre-debate planning and briefing.

Chelsea and Mark were face-to-face, discussing the top domestic and foreign policy issues of the 2012 campaign.  They began with political philosophy, and a discussion about the overemphasis on swing state voters at the expense of the broader electorate. From there they addressed such topics as the economy, jobs, education, tuition hikes, health care and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. At the end of the broadcast they found room for agreement: that no matter what side they were on, voters would choose not because they like and admire their candidate, but because they don’t want the other guy to win. The lingering question: what does this mean about our democratic system and the participation of an informed electorate?

Check out this short piece from the show to get a feel for how it went and what the future holds.

What Will Drive People To The Polls

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